Getting to Indonesia and Bogor

Flying into Jakarta

Jakarta's international airport (Soekarno-Hatta, IATA code: CGK) can be reached from most major Asian and Australian cities by non-stop flights, and by direct flights or just one transit stop from the major European and American hubs. According to current ticket prices, 800 € or 900-950 US $ should get you from almost any major European or American airport to Jakarta, but according to our experience significantly lower fares with prices starting from about 550 € (at least for flights out of Europe) will become available if you book 1-3 months before travelling.

Arriving in Indonesia

Jakarta Airport has seen some major upgrades over the last couple of years and now offers a much better travelling experience. Alongside the improvements to airport infrastructure, immigration procedures have become smoother and visitors from most countries can now enter Indonesia visa-free for 30 days (complete list available here). Contrary to what some sources including Wikipedia say on the topic, attending meetings is an allowed activity when entering Indonesia visa-free.

Getting to Bogor
There are basically two options for getting to Bogor from Jakarta airport:

1. Take a taxi. This is obviously the most convenient option and comparatively cheap considering the distance of about 80 km. The trip will cost you about 370,000 IDR (c. 26 € / 27 US $) and usually takes 1.5 - 2 hours, but given the horrendous traffic in and around Jakarta you might also spend longer in the car. All taxis run argometers. Please note that toll (total of 17,500 IDR / c. 1.2 € / 1.3 US $) has to be paid in addition to the meter fee plus an airport taxi surcharge of 11,000 IDR (c. 0.8 € / 0.8 US $).

2. Take a bus. This option is actually not really much less convenient than taking a taxi, but much cheaper at 55,000 IDR/person (c. 3.9 € / 4.1 US $). DAMRI buses go directly to Botani Square Mall in Bogor. The buses run every 30 mins until 10 pm from the airport and the trip does take 1.5 - 2 hours as well. If you are staying at a hotel close to Botani Square Mall you can walk from the bus station, but if you are staying at the conference hotel (Salak Tower Hotel, Jl. Salak No. 38-40) you will need to get a taxi (about 20,000 IDR (c. 1.4 €/ 1.5 US $), unless you are adventurous enough to take a local minibus ("Angkot", 3,000 IDR (c. 0.2 € / 0.2 US $)). LIPI and Museum fü Naturkunde

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